Friday, February 16, 2007

Slept in, then went shopping with my hubby!

Today was full of fun. Early morning was rough when my niece who was sleeping over got real sick in the middle of the night and didn't say anything to us until early. I felt so bad....I just wanted to snuggle her up. And even though she was feeling horrible, she was worried that I was tired. She's a sweetie pie!
I went back to sleep though after she left. Ok....confession time: I slept until 12:30pm. Can you even believe that? What is wrong with me? I guess I needed it!
Two of my girls are at a babysitting job, and now Kevin and I had the night to ourselves. We went shopping for much needed dress pants and jeans for him. I got him to get a vintage wash jean. If you knew him that is almost near impossible.
Well....the pictures on top are the vintage pictures I picked up at the antique store. I love Grandma Lynn. She looks like she doesn't take any nonsense from anyone. The one of the 2 girls was my treasure I discovered when I got home. That picture is fron Champaign, IL where we used to live for a little while and we are HUGE U of I fans. So I was quite tickled when I found that little piece of info when I got home and really examined them.
Make it a great day!

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Beth said...

By any chance on your date with Kevin, did you have dinner at Cosi ???
If you did, my daughter saw you...and she only knows what you look like from the picture on my blog !!!
And the transparency me on that one and we'll discuss it....