Thursday, March 1, 2007


The girls couldn't get enough of th snow. They plated and ate dinner outside tonight just to fix their fort.

I have got nothing new to report. I've been sick here on and off. Today is a on day. You know, the whole throat, ear, head, eye sockets, body aches.

So the creative week I wanted didn't happen so much. I did manage on an off day to get some stuff for the spring swap with miss artsy mama.

Talk to everyone soon.

I have a class to teach at Archivers tomorrow. It's the new Pet Album class. Very cute, but very LONG. I will feel bad if I need to take a potty break. Tell me they'll get over that, right?

I would post a picture of me just for you to see how disgusting I look, but I'll spare you.



Patti G. said...

Sorry you are not feeling well doll! Hopefully tomorrow it will be better for teaching your class! Hang in there!!!!!!

Holly Stinnett said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog! I love yours... and these photos are great. I was in NYC on business during Valentine's Day and got to enjoy all that cold weather. My California blood was having a bit of a rough time... but I ended up embracing it and really enjoying my time there.

Your little 'first time' collage below is adorable. I see you've used some Teesha Moore inspiration. Isn't she great?

Keep up the beautiful work.

Venice, CA

Beth said...

FEEL BETTER we can go to Cosi and have lunch !!!!!

Patti G. said...

Yes yes, Waukesha .........are you going there?????? Tell me tell me, we can meet up somewhere and share a hug!!!