Thursday, March 8, 2007

Me and my peeps!!!!

Sorry this one is so blurry but, does anyone like Peeps as much as I do? They are my favorite candy. And they have a new color at Target. Pastel green~how cool!

Now here's the real question. How do you eat your Peeps? If you are a Peep conissuer (SP?) then you know exactly what I am talking about.

I split the packaging open and let them sit for 2 weeks on top of the fridge and let them get hard. That's the BEST!
Does anyone else share the love out there? Let me know how you eat your Peeps.


Natasha said...

WOW I feel so relieved to finally admit.... My name is Natasha and I am a peep adict (of the confection kind). I too perfer them after they have been "aired" for a bit. But in peep defense I will eat them fresh.

Sheesh I feel so much better now...
Thank you- thank you

Bonnie said...

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Beth said...

Should I be ashamed to admit that I thnk I've only ever....I mean really, like once in my life....put a peep in my mouth !!!

We didn't grow up with them in our Easter baskets, so I think that's why they're something I'm really not too sure about.

Chocolate, that's what I eat !!!!!

ps....Sophie is feeling much better

ArtsyMama said...

Saw your post on my blog. Send me an email at and I'll send you my address. If you haven't recieved from me yet, I must need yours as well. Mine went out quite some time ago. Email me:) THANKS!

Ms. W said...

No peeps here... I love the chocolate covered marshmallows! Mmmmm!

MarilynH said...

cool! have not seen that color here yet. I love peeps! Not sure why. LOL They don't taste all the great--I think I like them because they are so soft. They are covered with that soft pretty sugar. :)