Friday, August 3, 2007

Blessing in disguise

So I was suppose to start a new job on Thursday and my drug test has not come back yet. Starting to get a little paranoid but, the short of it is that I get 2 extra days just to play!

Is anyone else's household having a High Scholl Musical 2 countdown, or is it just my crazy girls? Honestly, I loved the first one and listened to the soundtrack just as much as they did. We know all the dances and are getting pumped to learn the new ones.

It's like a modern day, toned down Grease.
See ya!


Tricia Scott said...

we also have the countdown going here! my stepdaughter is 15 and my daughter is 7. we all love high school musical. :)


Jana said...

Nope, no countdown here at my house since I have all boys although I think my youngest (who is 9) WANTS to like it but thinks his older 2 brothers would tease him like crazy!!