Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'll probably be the only one reading this...

My front door that I painted black.

Our dog Tex put his paws this way all on his own. My daughter took a picture of it and it looks like heart to me. :)

These are from my daughter's ALL pink 13th birthday party!! Great fun. When you get 10 13 year olds all together it's great drama.

Something my oldest daughter wants to paint on her wall.

Ok, now that I'm back after I accidentally pushed post.....

Many life changes that I'm going through. Quit one job, trying find another without losing my passion for creativity. I love to create things, but I get tired so I get lazy.
But I think I'm beginning a new lease on life and finding my passion and trying to put my arms around it.
Have a great day!
Sue :)


Funky Finds said...

great pics...i love your dog!

Beth said...'re back to blogging !!
I need to have lunch with you....maybe at the cottage ???
The whole job thing...we need to catch up on life !!!!!

Jana said...

Good to see you back!!!! Loved looking at your pics and I hope you find the answers you're looking for......I'm searching too.